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We’ve covered more than our fair share of completely absurd, over-the-top, apocalypse-ready expedition vehicles over the years. Part expensive off-road camper, part mobile command center and part emergency shelter, the expedition vehicle is something we’ve never considered more seriously than we are right now in the wake of what’s going on in the world. When it comes to those vehicles, there are few as extravagant as the vehicles that roll out of Unicat. Their latest, the Unicat MD56c, is a 6×6 vehicle with room for 5, a range of just over 2,000 miles and a 4×4 ATV support vehicle stowed on the rear and ready to be deployed at a moment’s notice. Pair that with a 540hp engine, 12-speed TipMatic gearbox and an 1,850W solar array on the roof and you have the recipe for a vehicle you can live in for months. If you’re spending months in the thing you’re gonna want comfort and style, and this more than delivers. Heating and cooling. Actual plumbing. Insulated walls, plenty of natural wood, kitchenette, private master bedroom, the list goes on and on. If you have a spare $1.5million you’re looking to spend, this is paradise on wheels.


Whether at home or on-the-go, when it comes to vaporizers, we want it all. We want to be able to use full flower or potent concentrates depending on the mood–and keep it smooth without any harsh smoke. We want multiple modes for unique combinations of flavor and vapor. We want an oven that’s as easy to clean as it is adjustable depending on the length of the session. Sounds impossible, right? It’s not with PAX Plus. In addition to packing all those features into one perfectly portable device, it’s also one the most sleek and stylish products that’s come out recently.