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When it comes to bikes that are practically begging to be customized, there are few that can compare to vintage BMW R80s. Over the decades, we’ve seen more BMW R80 customizations we love than almost any other donor bike out there–with myriad options from shops like Barbara, Ironwood Custom Motorcyles (IWC) and Thirteen, along with the retrofuture version from Eastern Spirit Garage you see here. Following in the footsteps of their Eastern Spirit Garage Yamaha “649” Bobber, the Eastern Spirit Garage BMW R80 ESG 649 Motorcycle–described by shop boss Sylkwester as “the hardest project I have ever undertaken”–takes a 1993 donor bike from boxes of parts to complete, modular, cafe racer style bike with sleek bodywork, a long, low tank and vintage styling you’ll only get from a custom shop. What’s more, all that custom bodywork was hand-wheeled from sheets of aluminum and the fairings are removable without any fancy tools if you want to swap out features between rides. It’s another homerun for Eastern Spirit Garage.

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