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Originally produced as the successor to the Korean War jeep Light Utility Vehicles, the M151 and M151A2 was a truck in service with the U.S. military until 1999. The vehicle you see here is a 1975 M151A2–aka MUTT–that was fully remanufactured from the ground up with 12 gauge steel by Ocala Fabrication in Florida. Dubbed the “Wolverine,” this vehicle features a full roll cage, high-backed Baja seats, 5-point racing harnesses and an overall height that’s 10″ shorter than stock to greatly increase performance. Despite the fact it was engineered without doors or a fixed roof (it does have a soft top, though), it’s completely, bafflingly, street legal so you can take it on the road wherever. As if all this wasn’t enough, the vehicle has been maintained and serviced by the one and only Classic Car Studio over the last five years before the owner decided to sell it. With their previous quality and attention to detail on trucks like the Silverado and the Blazer, you can bet this Wolverine is going to be pristine.


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