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We think of one color when we think of the 1970s: Avocado Green. That’s why we’re digging this ’72 Blazer Cheyenne that’s up for sale on Classic Car Studio so damn much. While, admittedly, it’s referred to as Olive Green here, the paint job on this SUV is quintessential early 70s, and it continues throughout the vehicle. Yes, as in the interior also looks like someone sprayed it with Ecto Cooler. The condition of this ride is unreal, as it’s clearly survived the test of time even with close to 100,000 miles on it. Packed with factory pieces like an AM push button radio, removable white top, and untouched gauges, this Blazer feels very much original. Still, the rebuilt engine and other additions make sure it won’t fall apart on you on the drive home. 


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