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2021 Honda Motocompo XL Concept

2021 Honda Motocompo XL Concept

The original ’80s Honda Motocompo was a tiny folding scooter meant for urban transport. It was so small, it could fit in the trunk of your car. Well, a modern version isn’t exactly in the works, but this rendering by graphic designer Allan Williams shows us what one could look like. First off, it’s much bigger and doesn’t fold, but who cares? This thing looks like a backup moto for Akira. Less of a scooter and more of a futuristic motorcycle that’s pretty much all fuselage and big solid disc wheels, the Motocompo XL’s riding position is more along the lines of a sport bike’s versus a scooter. It seems like the artist meant for the Motocompo XL to be electric since it has no exhaust pipes or apparent cooling system. The rendering also seems to be missing some key items like a stand, mirrors, or brakes (yikes!) but it’s still a pretty impressive homage bike. We would definitely go with red.

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