How do you compare Seinfeld to Game of Thrones? Is The Wire better than The Sopranos? The thought of even trying to compile a list of the 100 greatest shows of all time makes our heads hurt. Rolling Stone, however, decided to take a stab at such a grand undertaking. The mag sent ballots out to actors, writers, producers, critics, and showrunners to give the list more credibility. Check out the top 20 below:

20. Cheers

19. Curb Your Enthusiasm

18. Star Trek

17. Twin Peaks

16. M*A*S*H

15. The West Wing

14. The Larry Sanders Show

13. Late Night With David Letterman

12. Game of Thrones

11. Freaks and Geeks

10. The Daily Show

9. All in the Family

8. Saturday Night Live

7. The Twilight Zone

6. The Simpsons

5. Seinfeld

4. Mad Men

3. Breaking Bad

2. The Wire

1. The Sopranos

Check out the full list at Rolling Stone.


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