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Aerocraft Sideslip Titanium Utility Knife

Aerocraft Sideslip Titanium Utility Knife

Forget everything you thought you knew about utility knives. The obtuse flippers that are impossible to use and the cumbersome, way too long sliders are a thing of the past. Believe it or not, utility knives can be stylish and light without sacrificing functionality or safety. Case in point: the Aerocraft Sideslip Titanium Utility Knife. The Sideslip uses a simple design with no complicated fasteners and only two interlocking parts: a 100% grade 5 titanium frame and 100% low-friction bronze slider. The frame is also built with hidden edge-saver geometry that keeps the third piece of the puzzle, the blade, sharper for longer. When the blade does get dull, changing it requires only a couple seconds and no tools. The Made in the USA tool is small, smooth, and easy to carry on your keys or in your pocket.

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