Chicken or brats. Fish tacos or New York strips. It doesn’t matter what you plan on grilling, you can probably incorporate beer. When you love beer and grilling as much as we know you do, it makes perfect sense to combine the two outside of just having a beverage in your hand when you’re playing grill master. With these 8 mouthwatering grill recipes with beer you’ll impress even yourself with your culinary creations.


Beer Can Chicken

Beer Can Chicken is hands down the most iconic recipe out there involving beer. It comes down to creating a perfectly glazed bird by consuming half a can of beer and then cramming the rest up the nether regions of your favorite piece of poultry to impart flavor and moisture while cooking. People will argue about the necessity of the beer until the sun comes up, but we say it’s worth way more than just keeping the bird upright. Beer Can Chicken is delicious, and sacrificing a half can of beer is absolutely worth it for a perfectly moist bird with golden brown skin and a perfectly cooked interior. Follow this recipe and you’ll be well on your way to creating the perfect beer can chicken. And while beer’s good for you, we wouldn’t recommend drinking whatever is left in the can the chicken was on. Recipe


Wisconsin Beer Brats

Wisconsin has some fantastic beers and even more delicious cheeses, but when it comes to grilling, nothing beats the traditional Wisconsin Beer Brat. Unfortunately, we can’t all pick up Wisconsin Beer Brats from the store. If that’s the case in your neck of the woods, you can recreate these mouth-watering encased meat delicacies with a package of traditional brats, some beer and a little hard work. Don’t worry, the recipe lays it all out. Recipe


Grilled Stout Steak Sandwich

We’ve all done steaks, burgers and brats on the grill, but what about a grilled steak sandwich with charred poblanos and blue cheese sour cream? Originally developed and built for a food and beer pairing event, this sandwich and sauce combination will blow any traditional cheesesteak or steak sandwich out of the water—regardless of where you are. The sandwich that’s easy to prepare and sure to impress isn’t all that difficult to prepare, feeds up to six and doesn’t require that many ingredients to make. Grilled sandwiches that also incorporate beer? Yes, please. Recipe


Beer-Glazed Fish Tacos with Kiwi-Mango Salsa 

Fish tacos are delicious. Fish tacos are even more delicious when paired with a homemade kiwi-mango salsa. But if you want to take that entire delicious proposition to a new level you incorporate a beer glazing process that involves different beers with contrasting properties designed to add some fresh, floral and spicy notes to the entire process. Enter the Beer-Glazed Fish Tacos with Kiwi-Mango Salsa. Mix some delicious beers with charred and/or roasted flavors, reduce past marinade status, drizzle on the fish paired with housemade salsa and enjoy. The first try probably won’t be as mouth-watering as the picture, but it’s something to aspire to with repeated attempts. Recipe


Beer-Glazed Beef Ribs

Pairing beef ribs with a beer glaze is nothing new, but the team at Splendid Table did a, well, splendid job of laying out the process from start to finish in way that’s easy to follow and all but guarantees fantastic results. Hit up the local butcher for some ribs. Craft a sauce from hoisin, sugar, vinegar, your beer of choice and the other ingredients. Marinade the ribs for up to eight hours. Grill. Reduce. Serve with remaining marinade as dipping sauce. The recipe is all but foolproof when it comes to creating bone-sucking, bone-licking, constant-dipping ribs that your guests will demand more of. Recipe


Grilled Chicken Legs Wrapped in Bacon 

Grilled Chicken Legs Wrapped in Bacon—aka Churrasco de Frango com Bacon—was developed by a Brazilian with an American family who was looking for a way to celebrate Independence Day in a manner that paid homage to both nations’ histories. She hit it out of the park. Grilled chicken legs or drumsticks are marinated in brown ale before being covered in bacon and perfectly grilled on a skewer to create enough bite-size snacks for one or one hundred. They’re simple. They’re delicious. They’re the product of a recipe that easily scales to accommodate as many guests as you plan on having. What more do you need? Recipe


Grilled New York Strip Steaks with Dubbel Butter 

Throwing a serving of butter on top of a perfectly prepared steak is a surefire way to make sure your guests are getting a succulent piece of meat packed with a ton of flavor, but it doesn’t ensure that the cut of beef you chose to grill is living up to its potential. Elevating your meat selection is the first step, but if you really want to compete with the fancy steakhouses you need a compound butter—like the Dubbel Butter from this recipe—to put on top. Making your own butter for meat-melting purposes doesn’t require all that much more effort and your hard work will make everyone’s meat even more delicious. Recipe


Stout & Sriracha Beer Barbecue Sauce

You can cook just about anything on the grill with enough preparation, skill and gadgets, but plenty of the things you want to cook on the grill require a barbecue sauce for marinading, basting, grilling or final preparation. Whether it’s chicken, shrimp, rib or briskets the Stout & Sriracha Beer Barbecue Sauce from the Beeroness will check off all the requisite boxes when it comes to a fantastic barbecue sauce. Recipe

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