Instead of wading through the massive amount of new app releases searching for a few diamonds in the rough, just let us be your guide. This is a collection of our favorite new apps for both iOS and Android for your downloading pleasure.



If you spend any amount of time working out of a coffee shop, coworking space or a bar, you’re going to want to install Workfrom immediately. The Workfrom app taps you into their global community to provide you with the best places to get some work done remotely in over 1,200 cities worldwide. Each location entry has details about WiFi speed and password, other amenities (like power outlets and good brews), a map and hours. Workfrom is like a Yelp specifically designed for remote workers. iOS Android



Between the minimal aesthetics, creative level design and simple game play, Skala will quickly become your favorite new game. Your character is a white box that you have to guide over, under and through obstacles by scaling your size with swipe motions. It sounds incredibly easy, but like all the best platformer style games it’s actually slightly infuriating while still being incredibly addictive. iOS Android


Bear Writing App

Looking for an alternative to existing writing apps like Evernote or the stock Notes app? Check out Bear. Perfect for everything from the daily to-do and grocery list to quick reminders and in-depth essays, Bear is a clean writing app with a dedicated focus mode and advanced markup options to make writing both the great American novel and your next web piece easier. The different themes and typography make Bear look good, and the traditional swipe navigation makes it easy to use. iOS


Android Auto

Prior to this release, Android Auto was only available in cars that had, well, Android Auto. Now everyone running Lollipop or higher has access to the helpful driving dashboard with this release of the Android Auto app. You can still sync it to a compatible car display, but this release finally gives you quick access to Maps, Play, Search and voice controls with nothing more than a cradle or a vent dock. With Android Auto you can keep your eyes where they belong while still changing road trip playlists, calling mom or getting updated directions. Android



The biggest selling point for the Visionn photo filtering app is its ability to apply some really cool photo and video effects in real-time right from the camera. It changes the workflow around a little because you’re filtering live instead of snapping and editing, but once you get used to it the app is incredibly addictive. Visionn also manages to do all its real-time filtering extremely quickly so you’ll never have to worry about missing the perfect shot. Your Instagram feed is about to get a lot more interesting. iOS



CreativeLive is a one-stop shop for learning about all things creative. Classes in photography, video, design, audio, business and many other subjects are streamed live 24/7 in HD with the added ability to interact with both instructors and other students. Whether you’re looking to learn about professional photography lighting and Lightroom post-processing or QuickBooks and social media marketing, there’s a CreativeLive class going on right now or available on demand that you’ll find interesting and informative. iOS



There will always be a place for the cool, new, artistic filtering photo app, but if you want to go old school you want Filmborn. The app is designed and built to make your smartphone snaps look like they were shot on real film using a combination of gesture based controls, true-to-film presets, virtual lenses, curves and tone profiles. You can even build your own custom cameras in the app for specific purposes like street photography or large format landscape. Filmborn is our new favorite photo app. iOS


Adobe Photoshop Fix & Sketch

Adobe just launched two new Photoshop apps for Android users with vastly different features that split some of the core functionalities of Photoshop. Photoshop Fix does exactly what you think it does. Retouch and restore images using finger-based versions of the tools you’ve probably used in the desktop version. Photoshop Sketch is also pretty self-explanatory with 11 tools you can use to create your own multi-layered works of art. Both apps require an Adobe Creative Cloud subscription, but that also means you can export your works to the desktop apps if you want. Sketch Fix

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