In climbing, a good carabiner can quite literally mean the difference between life and death. In everyday life, a good carabiner can mean the difference between having your keys and losing them (and subsequently probably wishing you were dead). The problem with most carabiners is that they’re huge, lunky, and not really designed for everyday carry. You know a guy has his keys on a carabiner because you can hear them jangling from down the street. Luckily, a lot of really awesome companies caught on to the carabiner trend over the last 15 years and have started releasing some really, really handsome, purpose-built EDC key carabiners. They probably won’t save you from a climbing fall, but you can bet your ass they’ll keep your keys on your person. Here are 8 of our favorite carabiners for your EDC:

Bauhaus K11 Carabiner

We first started making this roundup with the intention that none of these carabiners would be qualified for climbing. However, if we had to trust one with our life, it might be this heavy-duty key carabiner. Made of Grade 5 titanium, this unibody carabiner is simple, sleek, and designed to last. No springs to flatten or pop, no hinges to fail, and no pieces to break off over time means that this thing will last longer than you. Buy

Anso of Denmark Carabiner V4 Titanium

Is the V4 by Anso of Denmark the most discrete key carabiner we’ve ever seen? Hell no. But is it the toughest one on this list? No question. Made from CNC machined titanium, this [surprisingly] smaller carabiner attaches directly to you key chain for easy carry, and also features a built-in bottle opener. Frankly, isn’t that the most important multi-tool of all? The price is a little steep at $105, but what did you expect for hand-milled .196-inch-thick titanium? It’ll never break on ya, that’s for sure. Buy

Ti2 Bond-Vox  HALO EDC Carabiner—Zirconium

EDC carabiners are dime a dozen these days, but few are actually worth their weight in salt. The Bond-Vox HALO from Ti2 may look like a simple key carabiner, but this bad boy is made from heat treated zirconium, which means aside from being damn near indestructible, it also has a handsome finish that’s naturally wear resistant. Its super strong gate is also made out of Grade 5 titanium, which means nothing about this rig isn’t built to last. And it also features a hollow milled sculpted prybar, which doubles as a box opener, tape cutter, scraper, and general cutting tool. If you’re going to drop 105 bucks on a fancy key chain, this is the one worth doing it for. Buy

MecArmy FL10 TC4 Titanium USB Rechargeable Flashlight, 360 Lumens Innovative EDC Carabiner

Some of us aren’t looking for simple and clean design as much as we’re looking for diverse functionality. Well, the MecArmy FL10 EDC Carabiner is the answer to literally every problem we can think of. Does it hold a bunch of keys? Yeah, sure. But it’s also a 360 lumens flashlight, a rechargeable six-hour battery for all your electronics, and a multi-purpose pry-bar for whatever life throws your way. It’s made of hardened TC4 titanium, and is completely scratch resistant. It’s not here to look pretty; it’s here to kick ass and take names. Buy

Key Titan Carabiner

Aside from its simple modern design, aside from being constructed from Grade 5 titanium, and aside from its extra features (bottle opener and quarter-inch slip driver), we really love the Key Titan Carabiner because of its ingenious design. This thing won’t just carry your keys; it’ll also eliminate the incessant jingle-jangle that goes along with them. Thanks to its elastic bands that hold keys in place and prevents them from clattering around, you’ll never have to worry about people hearing you coming from a block away again. Buy

James The Mehlville Carabiner

When it comes to a key carabiner, we require of it the same thing we do our everyday wardrobe. We’re looking more for minimal, handsome, and purposeful over pomp and flash. The Mehlville Carabiner from the team at James is everything we look for in a good EDC accessory and more. This tough-as-nails carabiner is CNC machined from anodized 6063 aluminum and features a key-stop design that holds keys in place once you put them on. It also features a thumb stud bottle opener, which means there’s officially one less thing for you to carry around with you. See? We’re already doing the hard work for you. Buy

Fortius Arms Inc. KeyBiner Carabiner

The KeyBiner is a work of art for even the most versed EDC enthusiasts. This modern take on the classic carabiner features a specialized “key retention system” that keeps your keys quiet and organized, as well as a bottle opener, various wrenches (10mm, 3/8, 5/16, 1/4 , 3/16, 1/8), and a hybrid screwdriver-pry bar-file. The KeyBiner can store up to 14 keys in one easy-to-find place, and you can even at an additional 32GB thumb drive to it if you’re feeling so inclined. Buy

Lancher Key Chain

If you’re looking to ditch your basic dollar store carabiner for something a little more office-friendly, the Lancher Key Chain is an excellent option. Its elegant and modern design ensures the flip can be activated with the push of a button, and its stainless construction will ensure it never fades or rusts. It comes with two separate key rings, so you’ll be able to carry every key you need, all in one handsome place—even the key to that old Ford you sold two years ago. Buy


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