Getting your everyday carry just the way you want it is a process rather than a one-time occurrence. In the quest to help you and yours to beef up the EDC game, we’ve made some choice gift selections that we’d pick for ourselves. There are some important staples every guy should have, as well as extras that will sweeten the everyday carry kit to make others green with envy. Maybe that’s not the holiday spirit, but hey.


SOG Ultra XR - Carbon & Gold

Half gentlemen folder, half lightweight tactical blade, the Ultra XR is thin, light, and stylish. The gold-hued stainless steel blade perfectly contrasts the carbon fiber handle. Single-handed deployment, the XR blade lock, and the titanium pocket clip that can hold bills make it EDC perfect.


Keyport Pivot 1.0

We like to call it the key master, but it’s so much more. The aircraft-grade aluminum housing locks your keys in securely, and it also can house USB storage, a multitool, knife blade, and even a flashlight. Expandable, customizable, and just convenient as all hell, it’ll change your keychain game in a flash.


Ledlenser Engraved Flashlights

[Partner]  Every one of us has used our phone as a flashlight at least once. It’s certainly convenient, but there are better options. Whether you’re looking for a workhorse to leave in the car or garage, or something smaller you can carry every day, you want a Ledlenser flashlight. Ledlenser flashlights are all designed and built to be incredibly bright, lightweight and last a lifetime. Even better, you can get any of their flashlights with a message of your choice.


Survivor iPhone 12 Endurance Case

[Partner]  If you just got a new iPhone 12, or you’re thinking about it, you need a case that will protect your investment and look good in the process. Enter the Survivor Endurance case. Made to tackle life’s challenges wherever you are, Endurance is built with a combination of smart design and modern tech. Three-layer construction with FortiCore shock absorption technology and textured sides means you’ll have it firmly in hand, but if it does fall, you’re protected from up to 14 feet. It looks good, too. Get your Survivor Endurance case today, available at Verizon.


Sanikind Mini

This portable and refillable keychain hand-sanitizing spray capsule is just what Dr. Fauci ordered. It holds its own brand of subtly fragrant hand sanitizer for 460 sprays, is made of recycled plastic, and attaches via its own lanyard.


Filson Sportsmans Bandanas

When a hankie just isn’t enough, turn to these colorful 100% cotton bandanas printed in flame orange and camo. Dust off, dry off, or cool off, they’re big enough to be useful and colored just right for fun. Lose the convenience store versions that make you look like a rodeo clown has-been.


The James Brand Cache River

Sometimes, you don’t need a fusillade of tools, just a good screwdriver. The Cache River is a keychain attachable capsule with three bits that fit into the end, no doubt with the ability to manage some of life’s smaller frustrations with just a twist.


Winter Session Waxed Canvas Pencil Roll

So what if you don’t need to tote around a bunch of pencils. This grey waxed canvas roll with its bright red lining and stitching will carry tools, paintbrushes, etc. with ease. The natural leather adjustable tab keeps them all secure, and the colorway will perk you up every time you uncinch it.


Fenix E28R Rechargeable Flashlight

Every good EDC kit must have a flashlight (no, your smartphone won’t cut it). The E28R has all the goods with 1500 lumens of illumination, rechargeability via its USB Type-C port, waterproof and dustproof properties, and a battery level indicator. Never be left in the dark again.


Dango A10 Adapt Wallet

Time for the wallet to truly evolve for the times. The A10 is a modular wallet extraordinaire thanks to its transformability from slim wallet to high-capacity bifold. It also has RFID blocking properties and an ingenious sliding aluminum rail system that holds pocket adapters. You’ll never go back to a conventional version again.


Stainless Steel Glasses Case

Designed with a flip top closure (that can be opened with one hand using the side button) and built out of stainless steel with a protective black interior lining, this case looks great and does its job perfectly. It can also be used for pens and pencils if you don’t wear glasses.


Craighill Key Capsule

Your keys are pretty much always with you, so why not provide yourself with some tiny storage that’s at the ready? The Key Capsule is 2.25 inches long, made of food-safe aluminum, so your meds or that emergency twenty bucks is right there where you need them.


Crown & Buckle Hilmar Watch Roll

A good watch roll keeps your precious timepieces together and protected when you travel, and the supple grey leather and suede Hilmar might just be as classy as its contents. It cossets between 4 and 6 watches and secures with a leather strap and wooden toggle. It could just make you upgrade your watches, too.


Gerber Jukebox

Now, here’s a blade that will pique everyone’s interest when you break it out. The tortoiseshell handle and the unique sheepsfoot blade are perfectly paired, and the finger flipper and liner lock make it more than just an artful knife. Too bad there’s no version with a comb.


Everyman Brass Grafton Mini Twist Pen

The Brass Grafton Mini Twist will actually make you want to write with its perfect size and weight, as well as its warm brushed brass body. Well-balanced and pocket-sized, the pen deploys with a simple twist to unleash its black gel ink. It also has a brass clip and takes Fisher Space Pen refills for even more utility.


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