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The 8 Best Headphone Stands You Can Buy Right Now

The 8 Best Headphone Stands You Can Buy Right Now
At some point, all of us have to trade in the earbuds we use for podcasts and commuting music for a serious pair of cans that let everyone around us—even if it’s only the significant other—know that we’re working and don’t wan’t to be disturbed. But what do you do with those serious business headphones when you’re not wearing them? You hang them on a headphone stand, obviously. Here are the 8 best headphone stands you can buy right now.

Elevation Lab The Anchor Headphone Stand Mount

Like everything else that comes out of the Elevation Lab shop, the Anchor Headphone Stand Mount is equal parts well-built, intuitive, durable and ingenious. The thick silicone construction and steel pin inner reinforcement of The Anchor works differently than other options on this list because it uses 3M adhesive to stick, permanently, to the underside of your desk. Pick a convenient spot on the bottom of your desk, mount the The Anchor from Elevation Lab and hang two pairs of cans in affordable convenience. $11

Brainwavz Hengja Headphone Desk Hanger

The Brainwavz Hengja Headphone Desk Hanger is designed to hold your cans in a vertical orientation whether you want them hanging from a desk, shelf or table. The adjustable design allows the Hengja Headphone Desk Hanger to work on surfaces ranging in thickness from 14mm to 40mm thick and the strong aluminum construction will hold even the heaviest headphones without marring the surface you’re attaching it to. $15

BlueLounge Posto Headphone Stand

No roundup of desktop accessories would be complete without an item from BlueLounge, and that goes for headphone stands as well. The BlueLounge Posto Headphone Stand leverages their considerable design chops, aluminum construction, a small footprint and a flexible rubber headrest to create a desktop headphone stand that’s perfect for everything from wearable studio monitors and Beats to off-brand and old school cans that have been passed down. It’s even available in white or black to ensure proper contrast or desktop accessory matching. $20

Wooden Omega Headphones Hanger

The Wooden Omega Headphone Hanger uses a Lululemon-esque design and all wood construction with a walnut finish to create the perfect place to store headphones on your desk in the office or next to the TV in the living room. The 10″ tall wood headphone stand will keep your favorite pair of over-ear headphones properly stretched and contoured to skulls of all sizes and will look fantastic as a display piece even when you’re wearing the head phones and it isn’t. $32

Satechi Aluminum USB Hub & Headphone Stand

Whatever the Satechi Aluminum USB Hub & Headphone Stand lacks in style and character—as compared to some of the other options on this list—it more than makes up for in functionality and usability. For starters, the base of the unit has a built-in USB 3.0 hub for easy accessibility for thumb drives and other drives. The gold / rose gold / silver / space gray Satechi Headphone Stand also has a 3.5mm jack and built-in cable wrap, which makes this the perfect option for those of you looking for a simple and clean way to hang, display and access corded headphones and USB devices. $40

Master & Dynamic Headphone Stand

The Master & Dynamic Headphone Stand is nothing more than machined steel mated to a weighted base that can be used to hang or display headphones of all varieties. The same simplicity of form that makes this the most utilitarian entry on the list is also the reason why we like it so much. Weighted base with rubber foot pad. Machined, electroplated steel construction. Black on black finish. It’s simple, sleek, durable and will allow your expensive headphones to truly stand out compared to everything else on your desk. $59

Cyclops Headphone Stand

One of the most interesting creations on the market, let alone on this list, the Cyclops Headphone Stand is a unique, sculptural, small batch creation of Baltic birch plywood finished in tung oil that resembles a head. Based on a design inspired by a dampened acoustic wave, DesignByWood’s Cyclops Headphone Stand is a 10″ high, 4.25″ deep and 6.5″ wide piece of organic desktop art that just so happens to be functionally built to hold / display your favorite pair of headphones. $110

Hardgraft Peak Headphone Case

As with everything else Hardgraft, the Peak Leather Headphone Stand and Case is stylish, well-built, durable, functional and relatively pricey. So what, exactly, are you getting for your $200 other than the name on the side? Quality, Made in Italy construction. Clever, transformative design that allows the Peak to work as both a carrying device and a portable stand. Protective padding and a cotton lining that will protect your headphone investment. As if all that isn’t enough—it is—this thing is gorgeous, supple and built to last through at least your next few pairs of headphones. $195