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For the better part of a century, through more than two dozen novels and more than 25 different films, Bond, James Bond has been doing all the things no one else could for MI6 under the codename 007. Despite the fact that he’s been ordering martinis incorrectly for his entire fictional existence, the character is something we all aspire to be in one way or another. And that includes the crazy locales and far off settings he regularly travels to on “work trips.”

Damn near all of the locations are what we’d consider bucket list destinations, but the one that always comes up in conversation is the the floating Indian palace that Bond traveled to in Octopussy during the Roger Moore tenure. Moore might not even rank in the top 3 when it comes to Bond actors, but The Taj Lake Palace–aka the Grand Palace Hotel, aka Jag Niwas–remains one of the most stunning destinations from the series entire history despite the fact it was originally constructed almost three hundred years ago. The grand resort in Udaipur has 65 rooms and 18 grand suites that all serve as a floating oasis on an island in the middle of lake with breathtaking views of everything. The best part? It looks exactly like it did in the movie, and you can stay in this 18th century historic palace when you find yourself in the neighborhood.

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