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As if there weren’t already enough things to do in the Gibraltar Nature Reserve, the popular destination just got one more bucket list attraction thanks to a new viewing platform on its monolithic promontory the Rock of Gibraltar. Designed by local architectural practice Arc Designs, Skywalk is a state-of-the-art glass viewing platform and walkway situated on one of the highest points on the Rock that offers unparalleled 360º panoramic views of the surrounding area. As Arc Designs told Dezeen, “The design aspiration of this project was to afford the visitor with new and unrivaled views in all directions including over the rocky cliff-face below, while at the same time ensuring a subtle intervention, which did not detract from the natural and historic nature of this unique setting.” Delivering on those design goals required transforming a former WWII military lookout into the exceptional structure you see here piece by piece because of limited vehicular access to the site. Whether you’re a photographer, a thrill seeker or an adventurer, the newest attraction within the Gibraltar Nature Reserve checks all the boxes.


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