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In honor of their 10 year anniversary launch event this year, Chinese manufacturer Xiaomi dropped an all together different television with their Mi TV LUX Transparent Edition. It’s a 55″ transparent TV that “looks like a mere glass display” when it’s not on and has a 120Hz refresh rate, 1ms response time and 150,000:1 contrast ratio when it is. Unlike traditional TV options, this transparent options embeds all the processing and tech in the base stand so you can literally see through your TV to whatever’s behind it. And honestly, that’s kind of why we don’t really see the tech taking off Stateside. Yes, it’s incredibly complex and impressive technology, but most of us are using the opaque body of the television on a stand or against the wall to camouflage the cables and mounting setups. If you’re living with some sort of setup where you want to hide a TV in the middle of the room it makes sense, but for most of us, it’s just a clever gimmick that doesn’t have much application in the real world.


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