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There is a serious case to be made that wearable tech is the way of the future. Smart glasses are enticingly futuristic but haven’t seemed to deliver on their promises. The VITURE One seeks to change that with the newly launched XR Glasses available to back on Kickstarter. Unlike most other smart glasses, the VITURE seeks to combine form and function in a pair of sunglasses that actually look relatively stylish. And the technology seeks to offer a next-generation experience.

Cloud gaming and remote streaming are built into the VITURE One so you can play video games and watch movies wherever you happen to be. The teched-out shades pair with a neckband which both powers the XR glasses and provides the computing to allow you to remote access your gaming console, play games on the cloud, connect to streaming platforms, and more. The glasses themselves create a virtual 120” screen that displays images in 1080p at 60fps. Pair that with immersive sound quality, a comfortable design, and active heat dissipation and you’re ready to take the big screen wherever you go.

The VITURE One XR Glasses are available to back on Kickstarter starting at $399 until May 25th and the campaign has already smashed its $20,000 goal. VITURE aims to deliver the XR Glasses in October of 2022 though supply chain issues may push back that delivery date.

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