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Polycade Sente Modular Arcade System

Polycade Sente Modular Arcade System

Polycade’s gaming prowess reaches new heights with the Sente, surpassing its Lux predecessor. This compact arcade system boasts modular controls, from the classic dual joystick setup to optional trackball or lightguns, providing unparalleled versatility. The Sente doesn’t just play games; it’s a gaming hub with space for a custom gaming PC, a pre-configured mini-PC featuring AMD Ryzen 7 CPU and Vega 8 graphics, or multiple consoles.

Crafted from 100% powder-coated steel, the Sente features a 24″ 1080p monitor, a built-in webcam, 100W stereo system, hidden keyboard shelf, and LED backlight. Supporting Polycade’s store, Steam, GOG, and games, as well as ROM files through pre-installed emulators on the mini-PC option, this arcade marvel is wall-mountable or can be complemented by an optional stand. Elevate your gaming experience with the Sente – where cutting-edge design meets limitless entertainment.

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