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The Capcom Super Pocket Lets You Play Retro Arcade Games on the Go

The Capcom Super Pocket Lets You Play Retro Arcade Games on the Go

Step into the gaming world with the Super Pocket – a handheld console that takes a bold step away from the usual AAA title race. Unlike other devices that promise the moon and often fail to deliver, Super Pocket opts for a different strategy by shipping with iconic classics right out of the box. Gamers, notorious for their discerning taste, will appreciate the throwback to retro titles, reminding us that sometimes, the classics are simply timeless.

Modern smartphones may boast powerful hardware, but the tactile feel of a gamepad is unmatched. The Super Pocket acknowledges this and positions itself as a ready-to-play platform, eliminating the need for tedious emulator setups. HyperMegaTech! takes it a step further by offering two editions – TAITO and CAPCOM – each featuring a curated collection of popular old-school arcade games. Ditch the hassle of unlicensed platforms; these editions are a guarantee of seamless, legal gaming experiences.

Inspired by a certain Nintendo handheld but with a twist, the Super Pocket boasts a redesigned layout with four face buttons and an additional four at the back. The TAITO Edition rocks a stylish dark gray and turquoise combo, while the CAPCOM Edition flaunts a vibrant blue and yellow colorway. With 18 games for TAITO and 12 for CAPCOM, the Super Pocket also supports Evercade cartridges, providing access to a whopping 400 classics. The 2.8″ IPS display, front-firing speakers, and a four-hour battery life make it a perfect nostalgic gift for arcade-loving friends or family this holiday season. Grab your Super Pocket and relive the golden era of gaming.

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