Using cutting edge infrared technology, the easily installed Touchjet WAVE (it’s like one of those book lights, except you put it on top of your TV and plug in to an HDMI port) turns any TV into a touchscreen. The entire system is powered by Android 4.4, so you can get movies, games, music, news, photos and any other apps available on the Google Play Store right on your TV. You can control the device by flailing your arms wildly (just kidding, you actually have to touch the TV), using the included soft touch stylus (because who wants to deal with fingerprints) or one of the remote apps (in case you don’t want to get off your couch). As long as your TV isn’t larger than 80″, the Touchjet WAVE will transform your entire TV experience.

Man Selecting Fresh Ingredients For His Dinner

Losing weight and getting healthy is a difficult journey for almost all of us, but it doesn’t have to be with Noom. After trying all of the restrictive diets and excessive workouts, the feeling of extreme frustration was rampant among all of us. When it comes down to it, weight loss is so much more than just physical–it’s hugely psychological and emotional, too. Enter Noom, the healthy lifestyle program backed by real behavioral science and research. Change the way you think about losing weight, so you can actually start losing it, and keep it off with Noom.