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There was a time when audio technology took up a massive amount of real estate in one’s home – and that was a sense of pride. While technology advances, people want everything smaller, lighter, more portable. But if you’re the opposite, you might be thinking go big or go home. Well, do I have the speaker for you!

The Jubilee is the latest speaker by premium home audio company Klipsch. For its 75th anniversary, Klipsch invites you to feel the sound itself, taking you into an immersive experience with its quality audio technology, including 12” subwoofers and the patented horn-folded vented system which minimizes distortion, making for a cleaner, dynamic bass. With a $35,000 price point, it may not be for everyone, but it’s a showpiece and would be put to better use than a Baby Grand Piano in anyone’s living room, I will say that much.

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