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Count on Dyson to come up with innovations the world has never thought of. Now, they’ve released their Zone, a combination of wireless noise-canceling over-the-ear headphones and a personal air purification system. It could just be the most radical product to emerge from the company. The idea behind it is to provide safety and comfort in urban environments by combating air and noise pollution. The Zone uses Dyson’s existing air filtration technology and downsized it in a magnetic mouth and nose shield. It actually pulls air in via the earpieces, and then it gets filtered before being piped to the “visor”. Rather than touching your face, the visor actually creates a pocket of breathable air behind it. It has different selectable modes based on activity level, and you can remove the visor or fold it down easily if you want to use the headphones all by themselves. Battery life and pricing have yet to be revealed, but it should go on sale later this year.

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When it comes to pants built for everyday adventures, Proof never disappoints. But the Proof Trek Joggers are even more impressive than what we’ve come to expect from the brand. These hybrid joggers combine everything we want in both hiking pants and joggers. They’re made with double-knit fabric coated with DWR for stain- and water-resistance, along with built-in stretch that effortlessly accommodates your movements. Pair that EDC-friendly design that includes hand pockets, welt pockets, pocket knife slot and a hidden waterproof zip pocket, and you have room for all your gear. Upgrade with Proof Trek Joggers.