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Dyson’s Lightcycle Desk Task Light

Dyson’s Lightcycle Desk Task Light

Like Dutch Old Masters, so specific is the Dyson aesthetic, one can easily spot originals versus reductive imitators. Here, we have an original. The Lightcycle Desk Task Light is a no-frills desk lamp that has all of the futuristic appeal of Dyson’s beloved vacuums, fans, and airport hand dryers. Using the technical blueprint of a crane may seem boring, but the internal mechanisms highlight the true power behind this WFH grail item. Intuitive adjustments based on ambient light and external factors allow for the lamp to seamlessly adapt to surroundings to reduce eye strain and provide a consistent lightsource throughout the workday. The LED lights also include smart technology that syncs to your phone for additional functionality and a motion sensor will turn the light off if you leave the room. All in all, the price tag is heavy, but in this remote world, we all need to make the most of our office spaces, wherever they may be.

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