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Sony Unveils Stylish and Impressive NW-A306 Walkman

Sony Unveils Stylish and Impressive NW-A306 Walkman

There’s been a recent resurgence in vintage tech among the modern generation of consumers. The rise of film cameras and vinyl collecting is the biggest indicator. One thing I wouldn’t predict making a comeback is the Walkman. The portable cassette player had a clunky charm, but it felt too outdated to win over contemporary audiences. So color me shocked to discover that Sony had unveiled a minimalist, beautiful standalone portable audio player. The NW-A306 is a modern walkman that retains a chunky, oversized aesthetic but trims away the fat and adds some seriously impressive specs. Inside, you’ll find an Android-powered operating system, 32GB of storage, and Wi-Fi 802.11AC and Bluetooth 5. Designed for audiophiles, the Sony NW-A306 gives you a distraction-free hi-fi audio experience on the go. Maybe this can be the true successor to the classic Walkman of old. The Sony NW-A306 will hit Japan and Europe markets but there’s a chance it could be available stateside, too. Official pricing hasn’t been releases but speculation suggests it would cost between $400-$500.

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