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SGP iPhone 4 Skin Guard

SGP iPhone 4 Skin Guard

We were going to put a bunch of clever sayings about how this is like a second skin for the second most important device in your pants or it fits like a glove, but the list (believe us, it was much longer) just ended up sounding like a bunch of failed Trojan advertisements. Keeping that in mind, the SGP iPhone 4 Skin Guard does everything you’d expect a phone condom to do – it just looks much better doing it. With six faux-leather or faux-wood options – and a seventh with real gold – there’s an eco-friendly, soft textured skin for every occasion. Each Skin Guard also includes a Steinheil LCD Protector because if you’re protecting the back you might as well reach around and protect the front too. Don’t worry, if you’ve already invested in the protective barrier known as the Apple Bumper, it will work with that too.

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