Earphones that are custom molded for your individual ears are not new, but they used to be expensive, a pain to get molded and take forever. With Revols, that’s a thing of the past. Using proprietary technology, Revols Bluetooth earphones mold to fit your ears perfectly in as little as sixty seconds. 60 seconds! In addition to the perfect fit, they provide superior audio quality thanks to a partnership with wold-renowned manufacturer Onkyo. If 8 hours of reliable playtime on your bluetooth earphones just isn’t enough, they’ve even come up with a Revive battery pack that will give you an additional 6 hours by simply clicking it to the cord. Revols give you great sound, customized fit and unheard of battery life for a fraction of the cost of a competing product.


Beef jerky is a keto-friendly, low calorie and high-protein snack that’s easy to pack, eat and travel with. But all beef jerky is not created equal. Skip the usual options in favor of premium, 100% filet mignon Three Jerks Original Beef Jerky. This old school jerky flavor hits all the right notes of salty, sweet and tangy with just the right amount of black pepper to round it out. What’s more, because it’s made with only tender filets that have been marinated to perfection, you’ll get that perfect jerky texture on every piece that comes out of the bag.