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Porsche VisionGT for Gran Turismo 7

Porsche VisionGT for Gran Turismo 7

We love and hate virtual cars. The imagination can run wild and deliver some tremendous designs, while you can’t actually own them in real life. Porsche just delivered one for the ages in the form of the new VisionGT for Sony Playstation’s Gran Turismo 7. Porsche designer Fabian Schmölz and his team reveled in the prospect of having total freedom to design the car. While it uses some classic Porsche design cues, it does so in a way that points to the future, including the Mission E Concept/Taycan light signature, the 992 911 horizontal light bar, and some elements from the Mission R concept. The two coolest aspects of the car are the fighter jet-style canopy and the futuristic driving set-up that uses an F1-style steering wheel and a translucent instrument cluster. Even if they ever build the real thing, you’ll probably never get to drive it anywhere but on your TV set.

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