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After what seems like a painfully long wait, Porsche’s new electric sports sedan is finally here. The Taycan (“tie-kahn”) is the official name of the production car based on the Mission E concept car. Porsche’s first EV gets the Turbo and Turbo S nomenclature despite having no forced induction. The terms are used to indicate the premium classification and to differentiate the two trims. The Taycan gets two small, high-powered electric motors. The front gets a single speed gear set, while the rear gets a two-speed transmission that shifts at 62 mph. Both trims make 616 horsepower with the Turbo putting down 626 lb-ft of torque and the Turbo S delivers 774 lb-ft. The Turbo can extract 670 horses in an overboost mode, while the Turbo S nets 750 with overboost with 0-60 times of 3.0 seconds and 2.6, respectively. While those figures are slower than the Tesla Model S, Porsche spent more effort focusing on the Taycan’s overall performance to be consistent with the Porsche reputation. Range for both is 280 miles via a lithium-ion battery pack that’s floor-mounted, and the top speed is 162 mph. The Taycan’s interior keeps with the ethos of Porsche design but takes it into the future with an expansive dash and center console. There are also four vivid color digital displays, even one for the front passenger. The Taycan gets an 800-volt charging system that can charge from 5 percent to 80 percent in 22.5 minutes. Both vehicles will go on sale later this year as 2020 models.


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