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Hands-On With The Mophie Space Pack: The World’s First Battery Case With Built-In Storage For The iPhone 5/5S

Hands-On With The Mophie Space Pack: The World’s First Battery Case With Built-In Storage For The iPhone 5/5S

There are three main issues that arise when you depend on your phone for almost everything: Its battery life, its storage limits, and the fact that it seems like it has a desire to crack. The Mophie Space Pack is set to tackle all three of these. Available in either a 16GB ($150) or a 32GB ($180) model, Mophie claims that the Space Pack will give you up to 100% additional battery power while providing you with the ability to store over 16,000 more photos, 9,000 more songs, or basically a ton more of anything you want to save. We tried one out to see if dropping $150+ on one would be worth it.

The first thing that sticks out about the Space Pack is that it’s not that big. Yes, it’s larger than your run-of-the-mill phone case, but for what it offers, it doesn’t turn your phone into a brick that won’t fit into your pocket. That’s a huge plus. In terms of looks, it’s basically a clone of the company’s Juice Pack Air that was released last year. The pack weighs 2.8 oz which is light enough to not make your phone feel like a dumbbell.

Getting a charge from the Space Pack is simple, a small switch on the back activates the unit and a silver button illuminates LEDs to show you how much juice you’ve got. While the claim that it will give you up to 100% additional battery is technically correct, we switched it on when our battery reached 9% and the Space Pack charged it up to 71%. Still, that’s far from just a little jolt. Some portable charging devices give you just enough power to use your phone in an emergency, the Space Pack gives it a whole new life.

mophie-storageSo what do you do with that extra life? Snap a ton of pictures, download some movies, heck, a lot of stuff thanks to your new storage capabilities. When you get your Space Pack, you’ll have to download the Space app to manage and organize the things you’re saving. While this isn’t ideal, there’s no other way we could think of doing it, and the app happens to be clean and simple to use. It intuitively organized our files, images, and random other things into five categories: Photos, Videos, Music, Documents, and Other. Navigation was easy and a bar along the bottom of the screen displayed how much storage was left. It’s also simple to open a file and move it over to your phone, which is a feature we used a lot. Of course, all of this is pointless if you don’t even come close to using up the storage on your iPhone to begin with, but if you’re like us, you’re always teetering on the brink of full, moving and deleting constantly.

So, should you spend a good chunk of change to clad your iPhone 5/5S in the Mophie Space Pack? Depends on how you use your phone. If it’s basically your right-hand man, the Mophie Space Pack is just about the best purchase you could make.

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