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Hands-On: Klipsch R6i Headphones

Hands-On: Klipsch R6i Headphones

If you’re looking for an upgrade over those basic white earbuds that came with your iPhone, you’ve got a lot of options to jam in your earholes. We took the reasonably priced Klipsch R6i headphones for a spin to see if they’re an affordable option you should consider if you’re in the market.


What Are They?

A pair of noise-canceling in-ear headphones designed for comfort. At $99, they’re a more budget-friendly option than others out there.


Who Are They Made For?

Fans of hip hop, EDM, and other bass-heavy genres that don’t want a pair of large over-ear headphones. Also those who aren’t looking to drop hundreds of dollars on a pair earbuds, but still want a pair that perform better than a cheap set


How Do They Feel?

Lightweight but solid.


What We Liked:

The bass. So many in-ear models we’ve tried in the past fell flat in the rumble department. Not the case here, the Klipsch R6i headphones deliver deep bass ideal for hip hop and other genres with a beat. They’re also one of the more comfortable pairs we’ve ever tried out.


What We Didn’t Like:

As with other affordable earbuds, when you really pump the volume, you lose clarity. Also, while the bass is solid, no other aspect of the audio overly impressed us. Not that it was bad, it just wasn’t comparative to some pricier models we’ve tried.


Coolest Feature:

Each pair comes with four sets of different silicone tips so you can select which ones fit you best. Whereas the hard and round design of many earbuds makes them uncomfortable after extended periods of use, we found the R6i headphones to be pleasant enough after hours of being stuck in our ears.


Would We Buy Them?

If we were on a budget, yes. They’re more comfortable than other sub-$100 pairs, and they block out noise well while delivering impressive bass. The best earbuds out? Probably not, but at the price, they’re seriously worth considering.

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