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Canon EOS R5 C Full-frame 8K Cinema EOS System Camera

Canon EOS R5 C Full-frame 8K Cinema EOS System Camera

When it comes to modern cameras, you normally have to choose between cutting-edge video format options or still-imaging capabilities. But the Canon EOS R5 C Camera makes that a thing of the past. Much like its predecessor, the Canon EOS 6D, this is another smallest, lightest, and cheapest iteration of the modern shooter that’s the absolute complete package for filmmakers, multimedia journalists, and even advanced amateur auteurs because it combines cost-effective 8K, 4K, and FHD video with 20 fps sill-image capture, Dual Pixel CMOS AF II capability, body-part or vehicle-subject detection, and the list goes on, and on, and on. Whether you’re shooting humans, animals, cars, trucks, or anything else–with or without cellular service–the Canon EOS R5 is built for everything. The Canon EOS R5 C Camera is scheduled to drop in March for around $4,500. Hit the link below for more details and to get first access.

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