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Apparently Amazon Prime Day is not just about discounts on an insane amount of products; it’s also about launching new products. BoxLock is one of those items. The clever padlock scans packages when the deliveryman arrives at your place and, as long as the package is addressed to you, unlocks to allow UPS, FedEx, or any other delivery service access to whatever storage vessel you attach it to. Storage containers are sold separately, but you can choose from a range of “Works with BoxLock” options so your packages aren’t swiped from your front porch on the regular. The BoxLock app even allows you to track all your packages in transit, so you don’t have to go digging through back emails to find the number. And BoxLock isn’t just limited to deliveries. You can leave something in your storage container for a friend and share a barcode with them that will unlock BoxLock so they can retrieve it. You can snag BoxLock from Amazon now.


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