There’s a whole wide world of gadgets designed to streamline your workflow. If you’re going to drop some cash on a pricey electronic device, though, it’s probably worth knowing whether or not it can deliver on what it claims to do. That’s why we rounded up this group of items. These are the pieces of tech that will truly help as you get back to the grind.


DAKboard Wall Display v2

This 24-inch digital display will serve as your new office command center. A quick view gives you your calendar, the weather, and other pertinent information so you can go about your day. With the DAKboard Wall Display v2 up in your office, you can take a break from sitting behind a computer without losing the ability to see the tasks you have on the horizon. You’ll also gain access to breaking news as your running out the door for a meeting.


Logitech Powered for iPhone

We can’t get to a truly wireless future fast enough. Cables give every workspace a chaotic vibe that does little to foster productivity. Every wireless step you make is a good one, and this wireless iPhone charger from Logitech is a smart one for Apple devotees. The clever charger allows you to still use the phone from your desk, unlike the lay-flat wireless chargers you’ve seen before.


Bang & Olufsen Beoplay P6 Bluetooth Speaker

Assuming you have an office, a small Bluetooth speaker is ideal so you don’t have to deal with the annoyances of wearing headphones all day long. Few pint-sized speakers are as sexy as the Beoplay P6 from Bang & Olufsen. The P6 delivers the crisp audio you expect from the legendary brand and is packed with smart features like Google Assistant and Siri compatibility.



You need to plug in your computer, lamp, and assorted other devices to power them. There’s just no way around it. That almost guarantees you will eventually trip over one of those cables and wreck whatever it was attached to in the process. Hope for the lamp; probably get the computer. That is, of course, unless you use Tug. Tug is a clever adaptor that works with any power cord and pulls easily from the wall to avoid potential disasters. Just buy a box of them.


Apple Magic Keyboard in Space Gray

It’s been some time since Apple abandoned its quest to offer only pearly white goods. That means you don’t have to look like a Cupertino cultist when you use the brand’s tech. It also means you can buy a keyboard as good looking as the one you see here. This is Apple’s wonderful Magic Keyboard with an equally wonderful aesthetic.


Marshall Mid ANC Active Noise-Cancelling Headphones

With so many offices arranged with an open floor plans these days, a pair of headphones is pretty much a work necessity. Go with a good-looking pair that can tune out Stan from accounting when he’s blabbering on the phone. These noise-cancelling cans from Marshall should do the trick, as they offer 20 hours of playtime, superior sound quality, and the ability to wirelessly answer or reject a call.


Nomad Multi-Port USB Charging Hub

Place this bad boy on your desk or in a conference room and make sure all your devices stay juiced. Perfect for those who constantly take their work on the road and rely on a slew of electronics, the Nomad Multi-Port USB Charging Hub offers three USB outputs to give life to three devices at once. LED charging indicators keep you abreast of progress and the premium materials used in its construction ensure it will stand up to any drops.



The BentoStack is clever organization for your phone, cables and small accessories when you travel. Use it to tote all that gear to the office every day and when you’re catching a flight for a business trip. Inspired by Japanese lunch boxes, the BentoStack is the sharpest and most convenient way to carry around all your tech necessities.


Courant Catch:3

The Catch:3 from Courant is what happens when clever tech meets uncompromising style. The valet station holds all your random everyday carry pieces but falls into this guide because it also offers wireless charging for your phone or other device. Clad in premium pebble-grain Italian leather, this is the valet for the modern worker.


Logitech Vertical Mouse

The computer mouse is do for reinvention. Many are awkward in your hand and don’t perform the way you wish they did. Logitech is throwing its hat in the ring with this Vertical Mouse, which is designed to feel as natural as a handshake when you use it. It also offers precise tracking and the ability to charge quickly.


Rabbit Charger

This sleek little charger boasts a handful of clever, useful features other chargers don’t. For starters, it packs a retractable cable, which solves our number one issue with chargers: wrapping them up is a pain. It also can charge two devices at once and it comes with swappable charging tips to work with a variety of gear. On top of all of that, an ambient light system and a minimal aesthetic make it pleasing to the eye.


Colorware Retro AirPods

For those with a career that requires frequent travel, a pair of easy-to-pack earbuds are essential. Few have wowed us like Apple AirPods. Problem is, they are quickly becoming ubiquitous. If you want some AirPods but still want to stand out, consider Colorware’s retro option. These are the AirPods Apple would have made if they had the technology in the ‘90s.


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