Whether you’re looking for peace of mind, need to see what’s going on at home or want to keep an eye on your packages, a home security camera can go a long way to achieving all of those things. There are plenty of options out there depending on the specific functionality you’re looking for, how much you want to spend and the amount of work you want to do during installation. Here are our favorite 7 home security cameras to keep your pad safe.


Nest Cam

Nest initially made waves with their thermostat and smoke alarm, so if you have one of those the Nest Cam is an easy decision for your home security camera needs. But thanks to the 24/7 live streaming and continuous recording, custom alerts, 8x digital zoom, infrared LEDs for night vision and the magnetic base, this is solid, small security camera that can be accessed from almost any iOS or Android device. Because Nest only uses cloud storage (no physical cards for people to steal), you will need a Nest Aware subscription to unlock its full potential.


Netgear Arlo

With Netgear’s history in the tech space, it’s no surprise that their Arlo Smart Home Security Camera System consistently ranks high in security camera reviews. Each completely wireless Arlo camera fits in the palm of your hand and is designed with a magnetic mounting system so you can install them almost anywhere including the outdoors (it’s waterproof). You get app access, cloud storage, 130-degree viewing angle, night vision and alerts like other cameras, but Arlo’s small security cameras really excel in their scalability and ease of installation. It’s only 720p, but is that really that big of a deal when you can have cameras everywhere?


Blink Home Security Camera System

Take away the waterproofing, clever magnetic mounting system, the Netgear name and 1/3 of the price tag from Arlo and you’ll end up something like the Blink Home Security Camera System. This is absolutely not a bad thing. Like Arlo, you get wire-free, 720p HD cameras, motion detection, app access and instant alerts with these battery powered cameras. If you’re more concerned with function over form (it’s not exactly pretty), this is an easily scalable, easy to install home security system that’s actually affordable.


Ring Wi-Fi Video Doorbell

If you’re more concerned with packages, guests and your front porch, the Ring Wi-Fi Video Doorbell is probably all you need in a home security camera. Installation is easy (battery or existing doorbell wiring), and the wide-angle HD video, night vision, motion-activated Ring lets you answer your door and talk to visitors wherever you are in the world. It’s even available in four different finishes so you can match it to the exterior of your pad.



Presence might not technically be a security camera, but turning your entire technology junk drawer into a security system with a single app is worth mentioning. Install Presence on all your old iOS or Android devices that have been collecting dust, and then access the feeds with your current devices or over the web. You’re going to have to get creative with the placement and power for each of the devices you want to use as a camera, but it’s still going to end up being cheaper than buying a whole new security camera system.


Amcrest IP2M-841 WiFi Security Camera

If you want a high-quality HD security camera with setup that’s about as difficult as making a pot of coffee, you want this Amcrest WiFi security camera. Power on the camera. Download the app. Scan the QR code. Watch your camera using computer, tablet or phone from anywhere. Along with easy setup, you get 1080p resolution at 30FPS, multiple storage options, pan/tilt, enhanced zoom, two way audio, lifetime support and 32′ of night vision, which is why this is the #1 Best Seller on Amazon.


Canary All-in-One Home Security Device

Canary’s system might have a 1080p HD camera with 147 degree wide-angle lens, automatic night vision and high-quality audio—all of which make it an awesome security camera—but what truly sets the reasonably priced Canary apart is the fact that it’s an all-in-one home security system. 90+ dB siren. Motion-activated recording. Auto arm/disarm. Air quality, temperature and humidity monitors. If you’re looking for a way to protect your entire space instead of just a camera, Canary is the security device for you.


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