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We try to minimize the hassle of travel as much as possible every time we hit the friendly skies. Global entry. Slip-on shoes. Liquids in plastic bags. We’ll try whatever saves us time. That’s why we’re on board for Bagtag, an electronic luggage tag display that attaches to your suitcase. Put one on your luggage and you can check it in online, allowing you to skip the whole ordeal when you get to the airport. With a high-resolution e-paper display, Bagtag clearly displays your luggage info. And since all data is hardware encrypted, only you can change the information. Built for durability and the rigors of travel, Bagtag stands up to inclement weather and employees practicing their shot put with your suitcase. Right now, Bagtag only works on Lufthansa flights, so maybe consider how often you’re flying to Germany before you slap it on your luggage.


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