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SeaVees has been making great sneakers and boots for the better part of the last half century. That trend continues with every single one of their releases, but their attention to detail, focus on quality and high-end build ethos has perhaps never been more apparent than it is with the Mammoth Boot you see here. This water-resistant lace-up boot combines natural leather construction, a super soft fleece lining, contoured and cushy foam footbed and a long-lasting natural rubber treaded outsole. But you can see all of that just from looking at these boots in profile. What those images don’t tell you is that these boots are the perfect combination of your more familiar Duck and Chukka Boots, which makes this particular pair the perfect boot to bridge the gap between fall and winter. What’s that mean to you? Lace up the auburn rawhide leather laces now and keep wearing them straight through 2021. They’re that good.


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