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The Mighty Machines teamed up with recently resurrected Belgian bike builder Sarolea to create a truly unique concept in the new N60 MM.01 Electric Motorcycle. First off, the mostly carbon fiber electric bike is downright gorgeous with it’s contrasting details throughout the monocoque frame and rear swingarm. It’s also no slouch in the performance department thanks to the 22 kWh Lithium-Ion battery with quick charge capabilities, 450 Nm torgue, 120 kW power and a total range of just over 200 miles. Top speed is listed as “f*cking fast,” and given the brand’s histories, we’re sure they’ll deliver. The collaboration doesn’t stop there, either, because the team also tapped a few other outfits to help make the limited-edition MM.01 Collaboration something all inclusive. Cafe Costume made a slim cut, tailored biker suit. Hedon made a carbon fiber racer helmet. Studio Blade made a commemorative damascus steel knife. When you sign up for one of the 20 examples available, you get the whole package with bike, suit, helmet and knife.


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