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Ornus Gravel Wood Bike

Ornus Gravel Wood Bike

Introducing Ornus, a groundbreaking marvel unveiled at the Italian Bike Festival 2023, revolutionizing cycling with a hand-carved wooden frame and top-tier features. Crafted by the innovative minds at MLK Innovazione, this gravel bike isn’t just about conquering rugged terrain—it redefines how we view materials, performance, and sustainability in cycling.

Approaching Ornus, the artisanal timber frame demands attention, each fiber and grain telling a story of Italian precision and design. But it’s not just about looks—the wood plays a pivotal role in an intricately engineered design, honed through years of research and technological finesse to blend durability and agility seamlessly. Drawing inspiration from aerospace engineering, the bike integrates specialized aluminum alloys, placing Ornus leagues ahead in structural integrity.

Beyond its technical prowess, each Ornus bike offers a personalized experience, with tailor-made adjustments that echo the uniqueness of every rider. Committed to sustainability, the company utilizes renewable resources and partakes in reforestation initiatives. Riding Ornus isn’t just a journey—it’s an enriched cycling experience, where the bike’s natural wood damping transforms rough paths into fluid rides, making every moment on the road a destination in itself.

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