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UNIT 1 Aura Smart Bike Helmet System

UNIT 1 Aura Smart Bike Helmet System

We ride with front and rear bike lights, as well as reflective helmet strips. The new Aura system easily one ups this by providing a coordinated set of bike head/tail lights, turn indicators, and illuminated smart helmet. The result is improved visibility that provides the rider with a wireless handlebar-mounted remote for the magnetically-mounted bike lights and helmet lights. Depress the turn signal controls, and both sets of lights fire sequentially in the direction of the turn. The lights flash at a quicker rate as the cyclist comes to a stop thanks to a built-in accelerometer. Brilliant. You can also mount the lights on optional clips for backpacks and messenger bags. The included helmet has three magnetically-mounted visors, a magnetic buckle, a Mips impact protection system, and a motion sensor that cues the companion smartphone app to send an emergency text. That same app can be used to program the flashing pattern and check charging levels. Every lighting unit is also IP67 water-resistant, as well. It’s now fully funded on Kickstarter, but you can still purchase it directly from the campaign.

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