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With its almost endless customization options and sleek design, the Cake Ösa is one of our favorite electric motorcycles. When it comes to custom shops capable of taking your bike to the next level, you won’t find better than Hookie Co. The two of them coming together for a new bike was sure to be a success, but the Hookie Co. x Cake Ösa+ Ant Custom Electric Motorcycle is even better than we imagined. Ant uses the clean and efficient base of the Cake bike and upgrades it with Hookie touches like a custom fairing, vegan seat upholstery, dual-LED taillight, 14″ knobby Bridgestone tires, handle grips, saddlebags, and an overall aesthetic that’s far more menacing. Ant doesn’t sacrifice any of the original bike’s customization options or performance, so you can still adjust the bike as you see fit. The Hookie Co. x Cake Ösa+ Ant is available both as a full bike or as an upgrade kit from Hookie.


When it comes to the daily uniform, there are few things as important as pair of comfortable, stylish and well-fitting pants. That’s where Flint and Tinder comes in with their bestselling 365 Pant. These year-round essentials have the cut of a jean, the feel of a chino and the stretch of a performance pant, which makes them unlike anything else on the market. As if being the perfect combination of all your favorites wasn’t enough, they’re available in multiple fits (slim, straight, tapered, jogger) and colors so you’re covered for work, travel and play.