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Tesla might be responsible for revolutionizing the world of modern electric vehicles with their far-out, futuristic and angular designs, but Irvine-based Alpha Motor Corporation has picked up the reins to make things fun and stylish. The Alpha Motor’s journey that started with the ACE Electric Coupe and evolved into the JAX CUV Electric Vehicle has now gone full truck with the Alpha Motor Corporation Wolf Electric Pickup Truck. The latest addition to the line feels like the truck Alpha Motor Corporation would have designed for the Blue Oval if they asked them to make a modern, EV version of the Ranger, and we’re totally onboard with that because of the functionality, styling and performance. The Wold will be available in single-motor, front-wheel-drive and dual-motor, all-wheel-drive configurations with an estimated 250-275+ miles range and 0-60 mph time of 6.2 seconds. It will also include a bed measuring 65″ x 59″ x 16″, a 3,000lbs towing capacity, “frunk,” and an option for a solar bed cover in the rear. Inside, it’s decked out with stylish and minimal trim and buttons, along with dual digital displays for the pertinent information. The Alpha Motor Corporation Wolf Electric Truck can be reserved now starting at $36k with extras adding up to an additional ten grand depending on how you kit it out. Deliveries of the Alpha Motor Corporation Wolf Electric Pickup Truck are expected to start in 2023.

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