• 1956-Austin-Healey-100M-Le-Mans-Roadster
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According to records discovered in the ’80s, only 640 of the original Austin Healey 100M “Le Mans” “factory-built” sports cars were made during 1955 and 1956. This is one of those cars, and Bonhams is auctioning it off during The Zoute Sale in October. In addition to being an iconic, two-tone roadster, this particular version in blue and white has quite an interesting history. It has a gold-level certification by the 100M registry of Bill Meade, which is the highest recognition of originality this type of car can receive. In addition to that, chassis number “BN2-L/230581” was built with a pair of new carburetors, special inlet manifold and cold air box, high-lift camshaft, stronger valve springs, distributor and a number of other upgrades that increased the performance from stock. It’s also been through a no-expense-spared restoration and won multiple awards since then. If owning an Austin Healey is on your bucket list—and you have a couple hundred you’re willing to spend—this is one of the best options you’re likely to find.


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