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Classic Overland Land Rover 6×6 Project Black Mamba

Classic Overland Land Rover 6×6 Project Black Mamba

No one will argue that Land Rovers make some of the best vintage SUVs that ever saw time on pavement, the trail or the backcountry. Even though they’re all great options, it doesn’t mean we still don’t have our favorites when it comes to vintage Rovers. The rare 6×6 Defender from the late 80’s will always be one of our faves. Georgia-based Classic Overland managed to get their very capable hands on one and immediately set out figuring out what the restoration could evolve into. Found in a fire station in South Africa with only 30,000km on the odometer and powered by a beefy V8 3.5-liter engine, this former emergency vehicle was a dream truck to start with. Classic Overland dubbed the project Black Mamba, after Africa’s most feared and dangerous snake, swapped in a GM LS3 6.2L engine outputting 430 hp and 425 lb-ft of torque and then created some renderings of what the project could look like when its finished. Yes, you read that correctly. It’s not done yet. At this point, it’s only torn down and “ready for production,” so if you’re interested, this is blank automotive canvas that you can help Classic Overland paint–assuming, of course, you’ve got $315,000 to get started.

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