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Acura Is Bringing Back the NSX

Acura Is Bringing Back the NSX

Okay, so maybe the return of the NSX isn’t breaking news (Acura had a concept car years ago), but now we finally have a production model to check out. With the same Italian supercar feel as the old NSX, the new model will probably run you around $150,000. Each NSX is built by 100 skilled craftsmen out of aluminum, carbon fiber, and high-strength steel. It sports a 9-speed dual clutch, 75-degree DOHC V-6, twin front electric motors, and twin turbochargers. All told, Acura says you’re looking at around 550 hp. The handling system is designed to send extra torque to the wheels that need it as you take turns like you’re playing a video game. Production is expected to start later this year. Hopefully this is finally happening.

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