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The Best Ways to Store and Display Your Vinyl Records

The Best Ways to Store and Display Your Vinyl Records

You might think that deciding you want to start collecting records and picking up some of the essential vinyl albums is all you have to think about, but that’s just the beginning. You have to think about the best turntables to play your collection on. Then you have to think about turntable mats and slipmats for said turntable, along with ways to care for your records. Unless you only plan on having like a dozen records in your collection, you also have to think about the best ways to store and display your collection, which is why we’re here. These are our favorite vinyl storage and vinyl display options that run the gamut based on price, construction, and storage capacity.


Crosley Record Storage Wooden Crate

On one hand, the idea of storing all your records in the old school, classic and bulletproof milk crate–despite the fact that milk crate companies consider it something felonious–is something that has always appealed to us. On the other hand, they don’t hold as much vinyl as we like, they’re not easy to find, and the choice metal options can actually mess up your records because of their construction. While Crosley’s record players aren’t something we’d generally recommend, the Crosley Record Storage Wooden Crate is an absolute A+ option because of it’s simple wooden construction, build quality, affordability, and the fact it can hold up to 75 albums. If you’re just starting your collection, you won’t find better. Buy: $30


IKEA Kallax 3×3 Cube Shelving Unit

If you asked five friends you knew who collected vinyl what their favorite records were, you would absolutely get five different answers. If you asked those same five friends what they were using to store their wax, we’re willing to bet more than half would answer with the IKEA Kallax. Formerly the Expedit–and in no way purposefully designed to wear the crown it has grown in to (as far as we know)–everyone’s favorite cheap furniture manufacturer ended up producing what is quite possibly the best record storage option on the market with the Kallax. It’s available in a number of different cube options and colors, readily available, easy to assemble and cheaper than any three of our Essential Vinyl Albums put together. Sure, it’s only a few steps up from the milk crate in terms of quality, but if you have a massive collection you want to easily display and access, there’s no better or more affordable option. Buy: $80


Hammacher Schlemmer Aficionado’s 800 LP Organizer

While still being made from engineered wood with wood veneers like their affordable counterparts, Hammacher Schlemmer Aficionado’s 800 LP Organizer is one step up from the IKEA options because it accommodates an impressive 800 records–divided equally among the eight compartments–while still giving you the ability to use the top as speaker storage, a turntable display, tchotcke setup, amp storage or any number of other display options. Buy: $250


LPBIN2 Double Decker Vinyl Record Storage Cabinet

This vinyl record storage cabinet is made out of a combination of 18 gauge stainless steel shelves and durable, black, industrial, long-grain particle board sides. Those construction specifications alone set this above the cheaper options, but it’s really the split-level top and separate bottom storage area that really sets it apart. The top-level includes separate front/back display bins that facilitate the closest thing to an at-home crate digging experience as you’ll find–along with giving you additional storage on the bottom. This Made in the USA storage unit has a maximum storage capacity of just over 550 records–along with two removable center dividers–which makes it perfect for collectors like us. Buy: $330


Symbol Audio Luxe Record Stands

When it comes to modern construction mixed with vintage appeal, Symbol Audio is at the top of most lists whether you’re talking about HiFi consoles or vinyl LP storage. You can’t go wrong with their Unison Record Stand, Aero Audio Cabinet, or Dovetail Record Crates, but we’re still partial to these Luxe Record Stands. Whether you opt for the 2/3/4-Bay option, each one is a high-quality, solid-wood piece that allows you to display your entire collection while still affording you the ability to flip through it at home like you’re digging through crates at the local record store. If you want all the feels, this is the vinyl record storage piece for you. Buy: $1,995+


Tenho Ylläs Record Cabinet

Scandinavian-designed and Finland-built bespoke vinyl furniture manufacturer Tenho has been one of our favorites ever since we first laid eyes on the Saana Vinyl Record Holder Cabinet (which they still make for the record [pun very much intended]). Our current favorite is the Ylläs Record Cabinet because it’s made with the same bulletproof construction, attention to detail and massive storage capacity–while also having the ability to use the center sections as a turntable stand or for amplifiers/tuners/speakers or other display pieces. It’s certainly not cheap, but it’s more than worth it if you have a solid collection. Buy: $4,106


Sitskie Open 45 Credenza

If you’re a fan of Mid Century Modern furniture and you’re looking for a modular piece of kit that will store, display, and protect your precious vinyl collection, you won’t find better than the Sitskie Open 45 Credenza. In addition to being a stylish record holder, this modular piece allows you to adjust your individual storage/display needs to function as a “now playing” setup, record player stand, speaker holder, or even a headphone storage area. Each Sitskie Open 45 Credenza is custom-made in Detroit based on model, size, material, and finish, so you’ll have to contact them directly to get an exact price quote. Price Varies

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