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From big box store multi-section dividers to vintage steel milk crates, there are plenty of efficient ways to store your record collection. None of them are as stylish as this new Dovetail Record Crate from New York-based Symbol Audio. So named for the exposed English dovetail joints on the crate (which, for the record, is both beautiful and ridiculously strong), each Dovetail Record Crate is handcrafted from locally sourced solid Walnut or White Oak and finished with veg-tanned leather handles and solid brass fasteners for comfort and elegance. Each crate measures 14 1/4″ W x 16 1/4″ D x 11″ H, which means you can fit a whopping 100 LPs in each crate. And since each crate is actually finished, along with being designed for record storage instead of just repurposed into it, you won’t damage the sides of your jackets or records because of the rubbing.


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