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Justice League’s First Official Trailer

Justice League’s First Official Trailer

It seems like DC can’t catch a break. Of their three recent releases, only Man of Steel got even a lukewarm reception and even then, audiences and critics had some serious problems with Zach Snyder’s Superman. So here’s to hoping Justice League can finally give the DC Extended Universe the treatment it needs. Tonally, it does seem lighter, so that should be a step in the right direction, and the Flash and Aquaman look to be responsible for most of that. Cyborg adds some heavy hitting superpowers to the mix too, and ones that aren’t just punch hard and punch harder, and Wonder Woman seems to be capitalizing on the good will built by the end of Batman v Superman. We’ve been burned here before, so we don’t want to make any dramatic declarations, but what we will say is, please don’t let this be another Suicide Squad trailer deception.

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