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Cool Material Goes to Aspen (Day 1)

Cool Material Goes to Aspen (Day 1)
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When I was approached to head out to Aspen to cover the 20th annual Aspen Shortsfest, my heart skipped a beat. For an aspiring filmmaker, the chance to attend screenings of the some of the finest up and coming filmmakers at the “elusive, exclusive” Aspen Shortsfest is a personal jackpot. I have never been to Aspen, so my opinion of this relatively small, secluded mountain town was based on hearsay. From glitz and glamour to an exasperated Donald Trump yelling at first wife Ivana on its prestigious slopes, the stories of Aspen left me puzzled about what to expect. But I was pleasantly surprised when I arrived in of the most calm, beautiful and tranquil towns I have ever had the pleasure of visiting. Aspen Shortsfest came about thanks to Aspen Film – a tight knit community of heartfelt artists and filmmakers who welcome everyone with the same kindness and sincerity you would expect at any independent gathering of the arts.

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