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If you’ve been dreaming of Dicaprio’s mansion from 2013’s The Wolf of Wall Street for the past decade, well, Reader, it can now be yours. Yes, that’s right, Jordan Belfort’s mansion is up for sale.

Listed for $10 million, the house sits on 5-acres of the Golden Coast, the elite neighborhood of Long Island. At 15,000 square feet, this property boasts an array of amenities that make it a truly remarkable property, especially so close to the City. For one, its six bedrooms and seven bathrooms are split over three levels of the home. With terraces overlooking the greens and a saltwater pool, relaxation away from the bustle of city life is key.

Its value is found in the equestrian lifestyle the property invites as well. The house has horse paddocks and a barn, which features 10-stall stables with an apartment, tack room and riding ring. Located just 25-minutes from one of the top racing tracks, Belmont, will inspire any veteran equestrian or novice alike.

While we can’t condone everything we’ve seen in The Wolf of Wall Street, we can say that Belfort knew how to live richly. With a house like this, you can too. Learn more via the listing and, please, try to keep the chest beating to a minimum for the poor real estate agent’s sake.

Proof Rover Pant

What do you get when you combine work utility, incredible durability and a stylish silhouette? In the case of a vehicle, it’s the classic Rover. In the case of a pant it’s also a Rover. Proof’s Rover Pant shares a name with one of the most iconic all-terrain vehicles of all time for that very reason. When you factor in modern upgrades like the gusseted crotch, Sorbtek-infused breathable canvas and a pigment dye that wears in like raw denim with the classic tailored fit, you get a pair of pants that can handle anything. Get yours from Huckberry today.