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The 6 Best Boots to Wear All Summer Long

Boots are footwear's winter workhorse. But warmer days don't mean putting away boots for the whole season.

6 Tequilas That Make Perfect Father’s Day Gifts, From Affordable to Luxury

Whether your dad is a whiskey drinker or already a fan of agave spirits, these tequilas are sure to please.

Why BHAKTA Spirits Turned to Century-Old Armagnac to Make the Perfect Whiskey Blend

BHAKTA Spirits raised eyebrows after purchasing a load of vintage Armagnac with the intention of blending it with whiskey. And then people tried the blends.

BHAKTA 1928-001
5 Brands For a Classic Look That Never Goes Out of Style

Fashion trends come and go. These brands deliver a style that won't fade.

Few Brands Can Fight Off a Chill Like 66°North, Iceland’s Emblematic Clothing Company

People in Iceland are no stranger to cold weather--or knowing how to keep the cold out with the country's iconic clothing brand 66°North.

Glent Custom Shoes Turned Me Into a Bespoke Shoe Devotee

In a workshop near Madrid’s Parque del Retiro, señor Antonio, Glent Shoes’s master shoemaker, sits monocled at his workbench as he applies the finishing touches of polish to a pair of loafers. The atelier, redolent of rich leather and fresh rubber, looks much the same as a medieval Spanish workshop…

Bodegon 1.1
This Umami-Packed Whiskey Is Distilled With Gourmet Mushrooms

Pipe tobacco. Caramel. Baking spices. Honey. The spectrum of flavors a talented whiskey maker can conjure from distillation and wood alone is impressive, but rarely do descriptors like umami, petrichor (the smell after a warm rain), or funk enter the conversation. Yet those are the perfect descriptions for the newest…

The Wilderness Series – Release Shoot 29
The Perfect Beach Day Watch: Keil James Patrick’s Mount Gay Rum Collaboration

It took me until my thirties to understand the aficionado’s zeal for watches, an expensive accessory ultimately serving a humble function fulfilled just as easily by a cell phone or wall clock. But the more I build my wardrobe, the more I appreciate beautiful timepieces—portable art carried on the wrist;…

MGR-Watch-on-ropes (1)
An Ode to Oklahoma Style Barbecue

You’ll find people who insist that there are four epicenters of barbecue in America that constitute the undisputed quadrumvirate of masterfully smoked meat: Texas, Memphis, Kansas City, and North Carolina. Ignore such blowhards: just about every corner of America boasts a time-honored, cherished barbecue tradition. Whether it's Santa Maria tri-tip…

Au Jus-7
Why You Should Embrace the Bolo Tie With Confidence

Late morning finds me at a saloon counter in Cheyenne, nursing a hangover with a pack of Spirits and some hair of the dog. I normally don’t start this early, but it’s Frontier Days, and excess is in the spirit of the season. The famous rodeo, “The Daddy of ‘Em…

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All Whiskey Lovers Should Add This Indian Spirit To Their Bar Cart

Welcome to Add to Bar Cart, where Cool Material’s writers and editors recommend the spirits that they’re enjoying most right now. Whiskey: the nectar of barley, the poetry of Celtic lore, an elixir as primal and earthy as the knotted wood that lends its flavor and color to the spirit.…

The Disciplined, Fast Lane Life of a Race Car Driver Turned Winemaker

If you were to ask me to rattle off my dream jobs in five seconds, I would probably list: rock star, National Geographic explorer, and whatever exactly Magic Mike’s professional title is. With a few more moments to consider, I would add elite racecar driver and winemaker, professions I admire…

The Guayabera Is the Summer Shirt To Add To Your Wardrobe This Year

Every summer, or whenever traveling somewhere tropical, I look forward to donning my favorite hot-weather garment: a bespoke guayabera I picked up in Texas. Hands down, this airy button-down is a piece-de-resistance of my wardrobe. Like a sharp leather jacket, you just feel badass wearing a guayabera—think Hemingway in a…

San Cristobal guayabera shirt