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IKEA has long been the stalwart brand when it comes to accessible style meets affordable design–particularly when it comes to furniture and home goods–but that hasn’t stopped the Swedish flatpack favorite from delving into the world of high design. Particularly in the last decade of their almost century long history, they’ve collaborated with the likes of LEGO, Sonos, Virgil Abloh and Stampd–along with delving into the worlds of pop culture living rooms and eSports–to bring the brand into the forefront of cutting-edge design. Now, as part of the IKEA Art Event Collection 2021, they’ve created a line of ten separate pieces from a number of highly renowned artists that are clever, fun and iconic. The collection includes lamps and torches modeled after the IKEA allen wrench, wall art, lamps and vases from some of the most in demand artists of today: Daniel Arsham, Gelchop, Humans since 1982, Sabine Marcelis and Stefan Marx. “We choose to work with different artists from around the world to reflect the diversity of art and design coming together,” says Henrik Most, Creative Leader for IKEA Art Event. “We want to show that being an artist or being a designer does not mean that you have to stay in one box, you can work within different fields, and that this new movement has had a profound impact both on the design and art scenes today”. For the record, if you happen to follow any of those incredible artists, each one of these pieces is far more affordable than anything you’d be able to buy from them outside of the collection. The ten different pieces from the various artists that are part of the IKEA Art Event Collection 2021 will be available at select IKEA locations in April starting at just $25.


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